Veni Redemptor Gentium

from by Firesign Vocal Quartet

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music by Donna Wickham


Veni redemptor gentium,
(Come, redeemer of the peoples)
ostende partum Virginis;
(and show the birth from a virgin)
miretur omne saeculum:
(every age shall acclaim)
talis decet partus Deum.
(That such a birth befits God.)

Non ex virili semine,
(Not out of human seed)
sed mystico spiramine
(but out of godly breath)
Verbum Dei factum est caro
(the Word of God is made flesh)
fructusque ventris floruit.
(And the fruit of the womb flourishes.)

Alvus tumescit Virginis,
(The virgin womb became pregnant)
claustrum pudoris permanet,
(yet remained a bastion of chastity,)
vexilla virtutum micant,
(the standards of virtue shine [there],)
versatur in templo Deus.
(God dwells in [such] temple.)

Procedat e thalamo suo,
(Let him come from his chamber,)
pudoris aula regia,
(the kingly dwelling of chastity,)
geminae gigas substantiae
(a giant of twofold substance)
alacris ut currat viam.
(Intent on fulfilling [his] destiny.)

-St. Ambrose of Milan (340-397)


from Follow We This Joyful Birth, released December 1, 2012



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Firesign Vocal Quartet Denver, Colorado

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